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Marketing for Technology Companies to Increase Leads, Users... and Sales.
Get 10-15 New Sign-ups / Day
Get 10-15 
New Sign-ups 
Per Day
(without relying on large email lists or cold calling) 
Are you FRUSTRATED trying to attract new customers to your business?

Check out the results we've been able to get clients below and lock in your FREE strategy session today to discuss your lead generation needs! 

ClientPoint Gets 500+ Leads/Month using Facebook, LinkedIn Ads

This B2B software needed to attract qualified Sales Executives for their SaaS product.

Due to the high-ticket price tag and longer business sales cycle, prospects often need multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. 

Therefore, we're helping ClientPoint increase leads by signing prospects up for a weekly sales webinar and providing lead magnets with educational content.

Leads are automatically added to follow-up campaigns in Infusionsoft and receive regular updates about the product and benefits that can help them.

We are attracting leads through LinkedIn and Facebook Lead Forms (yes—everyone is on FB, including B2B prospects!).

🖥 Tech Startup Acquires 1,555 Users at $2.26 / Install

This software solution wanted to acquire more subscription customers for their browser extension.

We used Facebook Ads to target audiences based on their technology and browser choice, so that only qualified prospects were shown ads—therefore zero impressions and zero ad spend was wasted.

We chose recognizable visuals to grab the prospect's attention and educate them on the benefits of the plug-in.

We acquired over 1,500 new users for the company at less than $2.26 per install!

Texas Liver Institute Signs-up 100+ New Patients Per Month!

This health clinic was expanding from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, and needing to get in front of people looking for their medical services

We helped the Texas Liver Institute attract 100's of new patients per month and help those patients sign-up for appointments online by using Google Ads to advertise to people searching for these services.

Patients can schedule an appointment online and TX Liver Institute continues to grow both of their locations.

National HouseCheck Captures 50 New Leads Per Week, Per City!

This home inspection company is rapidly expanding nationwide and needing to kickstart their new customer sign-ups in each city.

We are helping National HouseCheck run lead generation campaigns in each city using Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn advertisements. We are retargeting their email lists and creating lookalikes of audiences that are working in other cities.

Consumer ads are running on Facebook and Google, and ads targeting real estate professionals are running on LinkedIn, targeted by industry and job title.

Leads are automatically sent to their HubSpot, their CRM system, for immediate contact by their sales team and call center partners. They're collecting over 50 new sign-ups per week in each city!

Inzata Signs-Up 80+ Users/Month for it's Big Data Platform

This SaaS Platform was looking to increase new user acquisition for their big data solution.

We helped take over their advertising accounts (which were spending a lot of money but not generating any leads), and rebuilt them into an effective lead generation funnel using Google Search and Display ads to Instapage landing pages.

We rebuilt their campaigns for Google Search, added Display ads for both prospecting and retargeting, and focused on the best performing keywords.

Some of our work...

Modern Media
We Help Technology Companies Boost Leads and Sales... using Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn Ads.
You know online advertising and lead generation is the key to automating and growing your business, but frankly - you have NO CLUE the best way to go about it.

If you've ever tried Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated they really are - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars. We let companies focus on their core business, and entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius, by taking the whole process off of their hands.  

We'll build your funnel, establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after!  

The reason it works lies in the structure of our team - our leadership worked at IBM and has consulted with Fortune 500 brands. We also have a pretty clever direct response copywriter and a top-notch conversion specialist on hand too!


If you do not have a sales funnel in place you will be quoted for the setup. You also need to be able to invest in your own ad spend.

About Us

Modern Media is a full service agency that specialises in online advertising and customer acquisition funnels. 

Anthony Blatner is the Founder of Modern Media—a certified, proven ad agency.  Their work has been featured in Growth Hackers, The Startup, Texas CPG, Austin Startup Digest, and the Modern Media team has managed over $5,000,000 in ad spend. 

They are active in top professional & media organizations such as Online Geniuses, Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), and SXSW.

We Increase Real Sales & Revenue at a Profitable ROI.
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